Cradle on the mat


Carter Ray, Sports

At  Cody Middle School, wrestling is offered  Oct. 13 till the end of November. Coaches are Travis Duncan, Rodey Miers, and Mr. Wood. For middle school wrestling all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys and girls are allowed to wrestle. So every middle schooler is allowed to wrestle.

Aiden Gallagher said that one challenge is that,  “You can only wrestle with your pod or a group of 4 kids,” and that “ there are only duals and that there are no meets so only 1v1s.” 

This helps prevent the spread of Covid19. Cody has won their first 2 meets of the season so far.

This year’s wrestlers include:

Bankert, Holden

Barton, Logan, 

Cheney, Adam

  Gallagher, Aiden 

Hallock, Brody

Hensley, Myles

Loran, Lucas 

Rothleutner, Macix

 Smith, Trey, 

Sorensen, Warren

Trotter, Aaron, 

Vrooman, Destin

 Baggs, Lance 

Bates, Syrus

 Bower, Trent 

Butz, Thomas

Cordero, Luis

Dalton, Cinch

Deming, Reed

Downer, Darren

Grant, Kannon

Hubbs, Ashten

Laing, Bryson

Monfeldt, Owen

Sauers, Josh

Seibert, Gavin

Sitz, Alex

Stewart, Anker

Wood, William

Ball, Caleb

Becker, Charles

French, Jackson

Grant, Gabe

Loran, Trent

Mickelson, Gray

Sorensen, Kort

Trunkhill, Noah