Veterans Fundraiser


Chloe Davis, Reporter

This November the student council is putting on a fundraiser called the Veterans fundraiser. They are raising money for the Veterans to show how much they mean to us. As a challenge, they are having us make an American flag out of paper hearts. Whichever advisory gets the most money in the end then their class wins a free pizza party. 

The hearts that you put on the flag are 50 cents apiece, so if someone was to put in a dollar then they get two hearts to put on a flag. The fundraiser started Wednesday the 21st of October and ended on Friday the 30th of October. Everyone was given 70 hearts in total if classes needed more they could go down to Mrs. Classes’ room (room 308) in the 6th-grade hallway to get more. 

This fundraiser is super helpful to show how much Cody Middle School appreciates our Veterans. Everybody was super excited to get the pizza party so they were putting in a lot of money to win it. Charlotte Conaway said, “I think it is a great way to make money with a pizza party at the end.” The winner was Mrs. Jacksons’ advisory class they will enjoy their pizza party.