School Board 2020 Elections


Rachel Williams, Reporter

This year for the school board four seats are open. Only two of the last 4 members are rerunning for their spots. These candidates are Stefanie Bell and Tom Keegan. The others running are Ryan Brown, Tim Lassater, Sheri Schutzman, Norm Sedig, Jessica Case, Charles Yates, and April Conaway. That means nine people are running for four spots. When on the school boards are volunteers as they do not get paid time. The school board makes decisions affecting the direction of the district. Mr.Tuten one of our math teachers said, “There are some great candidates that are new and could bring some great things to the board, but there are also some who have been on the board for a while and have done a great job” 

They each have their own strengths. Stefanie Bell says hers is the deep knowledge of the district she has from her 16 previous years on the school board. Tom Keegan’s is respectful discourse and critical thinking. Ryan Brown’s is a passion for the students. Tim Lassater states he knows how to work with a multi million dollar budget all the time, for budget cuts this year. Sheri Schutzman states she is open-minded, willing to listen, and is open to feedback.  Norm Sedigs says “ eaching in Cody for 29 years and coaching for 38 years gives me quite a background.”  Jessica Case is strong in civil discourse. Charles Yates has a strong background in the industry. Lastly April Conaway believes having a teacher for a husband gives her access to several different points of view.


 To learn more about any of these candidates go to:—10152020-355980