Volleyball Comes to an End


Jaida Brice, Reporter

 As the month is coming to a close so are the sports volleyball and cross country. For volleyball’s 7th grade A team, the season was undefeated and was a big victory for the school. The 7th-grade blue team was also very good and they only had a couple of losses. The 7th grade Gold team’s season was good for them and they lost a few games. Nice Job 7th-grade volleyball team! “I think our team did great and it was a lot of fun!”, Kristen Boysen a 7th volleyball girl said.


 The 8th-grade girls A team was undefeated and the B team lost some but their season was overall good., which means they won 10 games. The Gold team for the 8th graders did pretty well as well, they did have some defeats but they worked hard. Great 8th-grade volleyball girls, you worked hard and had fun! Sophia Radakovich says, “  My favorite thing about the season was the social aspect and I love my friends and the sport.”.