Making Your Own Haunted House

Making Your Own Haunted House

Jake Wilkins, Reporter

At the state of Covid right now in Park County, it might not be the safest to go to the local haunted house so here is a step-by-step guide on how to turn your house into a haunted house for a quarantine Halloween.

Step 1. Make a grid- In order to have a haunted house you need to know which rooms, Which hallways, and stairwells you’re going through so you know where to decorate.

Step 2. Come up with a theme- In order to know what to decorate with. Themes could go from haunted hospital to Killer den.

Step 3. Create a scary atmosphere- don’t use a lot of light, too much light will comfort people.

Step 4. Invite Friends- Ask your friends to come over and help set up, then when it’s time to scare they can help. 

Last Step. Plan- pick a date, invite friends and family, and get your scare on.