Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Sadie Jackson, Reporter

Because of COVID, this Halloween people could be stuck at home and have nothing to do. He or she should grab a jab saw, a pumpkin, and start carving. Carving pumpkins is a tradition that came from Ireland. It represents Halloween and it does not require going out of the house or being next to someone. It is also a great activity for families. So it is the perfect thing to do while in quarantine. 


One Idea is a pumpkin family, it could be a family project or a one-person thing. For the pumpkin family, it will require,

  • One big pumpkin
  • One medium-sized pumpkin
  • A few little pumpkins, depending on the number of kids in the family.

For doing it as a family project it will have each member of the family do one pumpkin, carving a face on to it. The big one will be for the dad, the medium for the mom, and the small pumpkins for the kids. If just one person is making the family then he or she will just do all of them.


Another idea is not carving them but panting them. If a parent has a small child and doesn’t want them around a knife or jab saw, as the names sound scary, you can give them some paint and let them at it.  The pumpkin could have a theme or designs. You could make it into a skull by painting it white and adding some details. If a kid is in quarantine and doesn’t have any pumpkins this is the perfect thing, because a squash could be used. If there are no pumpkins available, a butternut squash could be used to make a Frankenstein by flipping it upside down and painting it green, then painting a face, hair, and bolts in black.


If painting pumpkins or making a pumpkin family sounds like too much work, then carving pumpkins is probably not the thing to do, maybe making a monster or a regular old jack-o-lantern could do. But if impressing the people driving by is the goal, make a self-portrait. This one would be very hard, but in quarantine, there is a lot of time to waste. So just go at it. It will need,

  • One good-sized pumpkin 
  • Lots of different sized carving tools or different thing you found that you can carve a pumpkin with
  • A  picture of the model

With this pumpkin idea being careful is the number one rule. Going online and getting some instructions would help a lot, but if he or she just wants to go at it, might as well.


After the pumpkin is carved put a fake candle in it and put the masterpiece outside for everyone to see. Make sure to have parental supervision when carving the pumpkin. And have fun while making a pumpkin in quarantine.