DIY Halloween Pinata

DIY Halloween Pinata

Jaida Brice, Reporter

Bored or stuck at home because of covid? Have a sweet tooth, and want to make something fun? Well, here have a perfect craft for you. It’s a jack-o’-lantern Pinata! This craft is pretty easy and fun all you need is a few supplies and directions, and your boring time will be filled with fun.




  • Newspaper
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue 
  • Scissors
  • Punching Balloon
  • Streamers (preferably green and orange)
  • Paintbrush
  • Flour
  • Candy
  • Yarn
  • Water




    1. Cut the newspaper into strips
    2. Blow up the balloon
    3. Mix equal parts water to flour to make paper mache
    4. Dip the newspaper into the paper mache and cover the balloon fully
    5. Let it dry overnight
  • Optional: Paint the paper mache balloon to cover up the newspaper
  1. Get long things of streamers and fold them each
  2. Cut the edge of the streamers that are folded but not fully so they stay together, this will make a fringe looking thing. (Make more in orange than green)
  3. Dot and then glue the orange streamers around the pinata but leave some space around the top of the pinata
  4. Pop the punching balloon by cutting off the long top of the balloon and Fill it with candy
  5. Now Glue on the green streamers around the whole top of the pinata including the whole. (If you are having trouble with the hole put tape on the hole and then put the green streamers on)
  6. Cut out the eyes and mouth from the black construction paper
  7. Glue the eyes and mouth to the pinata
  8. Tape or glue a piece of yarn on the top of the pinata
  9. Lastly, Hang it, Wack it, and get your candy!