Cool Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Cool Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Aubree George, Reporter

Cool Outdoor Decorations for Halloween House

Do you know how to decorate your house for Halloween this year? Well, here are some ideas:


  • Jack O’Lantern Candle Holder Decorative Jars

1.Get a glass jar and paint it white, orange, black. . .(outside of jar)

2.Paint the face on the jar (outside of jar)

3.Let paint dry

4.Put a candle inside, and light it


  • Multicolor Foam Jack O’Lantern Stacked Archway

  1. Get a lot of foam jack o’ lanterns 
  2. Secure them together with glue and wire, in the shape/ form of an archway.
  3. Weave garland through the jack o’ lanterns (optional)
  4. Stand up
  5. Make sure that it is sturdy!
  • Jack Skellington Multicolor Garland and Wreath

  1. String orange, green, purple, and black tulle together 
  2. Scrunch the tulle for volume 
  3. Glue Jack Skellington’s face throughout the Wreath 
  4. Add any additional decorations as wanted: ribbon, beads/ balls, . . .(optional)
  • Halloween Day Countdown Sign 
  1. Creatively write a spooky poem, saying, or phrase on a painted (optional) wood board 
  2. Glue a miniature chalk or wet-erase board on the wood board in a place of choice
  3. Write the number of days left until Halloween on the wet erase/ chalkboard.
  4. Update the number of days left daily