Top 15 Candies

Top 15 Candies

Kaitlin Ennist, Reporter

             Do you like candy? Here are the top 15 most eaten loved and adored candies of CMS  2020. Candy has always been a love for all ages from kids to adults. The first candy company known to be created in the U.S. was Necco. CMS did a pole on what candy was the best out of 50 choices. Here are the results: 


  1. Swedish Fish


  1. 100 grand


  1. Hot Tamales


  1. Candy Corn


  1. Twix


  1. Cotton Candy


  1. Snickers


  1. Peach O’s


  1. Sour Patch Kids


  1. Almond Joy


  1. Skittles


  1. Lindor Chocolate


  1. Reeses


  1. Jolly Rancher


  1. Milk Duds