Student Council Election


Chloe Davis, Reporter

The student council is going to be different this year with Covid-19, but one thing stays the same. Students go up against each other to see who will be on the student council board. Mrs. Class is the advisor for the student council this year. This will be a tough vote this year in 7th grade Emma Kendrick, Zandy Eckley and Jacob Wilkins are trying out. Also in 8th grade, Kassi Handson and Noelle Graham are running. There are multiple things to run for, president, vice president, historian, and secretary. Any grading level can run for a historian, secretary, and representative. I asked 2 students in 8th grade to tell me a little about what is going to be happening. 


Kassi Hanson in 8th grade is running for President of the student council, she has done student council for 2 years now! “I would like to be president because I want to represent my peers to the best of my ability and it also gives me an amazing chance to expand on my leadership skills.” Said Kassi Hanson. To apply you have to pick up an application, you can pick these up in Mrs. Class’s room, Student services, and the front office. You have to submit your application by Friday the 25th of September by 2 pm. 


Instead of Mrs. Bree voting now students can too! The people running will perform speeches in front of us all and tell us why they want to be a part of the student council. After people will vote on who they think will be the best fit for our school!