Spirit Week


Sadie Jackson, Reporter

Spirit week is right around the corner with the dressing up and the parade, the week is one of the most fun weeks of the year. On the 28 of September kids of CMS will dress up in all white for white-out day. The 29th is dress up as if it was a Movie day. On the 30th it is Wild West, dress up as if you were in the time of Cody’s beginning.  On the 1st of October, Cody Middle School will have lots of spiky colored hair because kids will be dressing up as if they were in a Rock Band. Then on the 2nd of October kids will dress up in Blue and Gold to support our school and community! I asked Lillie Kirkham what dress-up day she is most excited for? “I am most excited for the blue and gold day because it supports our teams” answered Kirkham.


 After school on the 2nd  of October, there is a parade downtown on Main street. All the schools have floats, including Cody Middle school.  One of the wonderful people that helped with setting up this parade is Mr.Beardall, he said, “ This year we should have some kids on horseback leading the parade with flags.” Making changes every year helps make the parade more and more exciting. Every year kids help do things like being on the floats and help to decorate the floats.  The community comes to celebrate the week as well with the parade. I asked Sydney Simone what spirit week means to her. Simone stated, “ To me, spirit week means supporting our schools in all of the accomplishments they have made and celebrating those accomplishments.”


 Kids at Cody middle school love all that Mr.Beardall and the staff do to make spirit week fun. The kids love the parade and are very excited to support the teams of the school on Blue and Gold day. CMS is very excited for spirit week.