What’s Your Costume, a Mask?

What's Your Costume, a Mask?

Colter Morris, Reporter

This Halloween night might be a little different from the COVID changes. Will there still be haunted houses. Will people still hand out candy or not even open the doors. Will Cody do what Lander Wy is planning on, and have a haunted house with a food drive. Or more like Pinedale and have a haunting at the aquatic center? Is there going to be a limit of people like California and Massachusetts? Will, there be a limited to 25 people indoors and 100 outdoors, or will everything be canceled. In Cody, everyone doesn’t really know what’s happening yet.

When Mrs. Black went to Albertson’s they asked if she wanted to buy candy for downtown, so keep your head up. Nobody knows exactly what will happen, but students hope that this Halloween will continue. This Halloween might be a quiet one though.