The Good The Bad and The Canvas


Sophia Radakovich, Reporter

Canvas, do students and staff want it or not. This year the Park 6 School District issued the network Canvas for this year’s school year. Canvas is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was created in 2008 by Brian Whitmer and Devlin Daley.  Some teachers and students enjoy the new change in databases but some absolutely despise it. Many teachers and students have trouble with this new change and find it hard to figure out the ropes. Mr. Tuten thinks Canvas is a good change because he says, “Canvas is a learning management system so it helps connect teachers and students…” he also thinks that Canvas is a better system to use than google classroom because “I really liked google classroom I think it is easy to use and there are some cool features their but I think Canvas, in the long run, is better. I think it has more options.” Like everyone Mr. Tuten has had some troubles too, “Right now I am learning a lot as we go which is sometimes frustrating but I think this is the tool that best serves Cody Middle School.” As you can see Canvas can have its bad moments but everything does. Cody Middle School awaits the light and the dark sides of Canvas but will go through it with the great attitudes of the Broncs and Fillies.