Note The Change In Band


Jaida Brice, Reporter

    So many things are different for this school year, especially our band. In order for Cody Middle School’s band to be COVID safe, many precautions have been put in place. All the instruments except for the flute have to use pesky but pretty Bell covers and masks. Since their air and spit come from their mouth and bell of their instrument, these tools are being used. For the brass instruments, which have spit valves they will get kitty litter boxes to empty their spit into. “The changes are ok, but It is especially hard since we have to wear a mask while playing. I am glad I get to do band and even with the changes I still love it. I do feel bad for the sixth graders because they don’t get the full experience the 7th graders got when they were in sixth grade.” Said Louella Cornell, a 7th grade Trumpeter “This year’s changes are definitely going to take time to get used to, but I feel we can get through it.”  

   Now because the flute is made different, the air and spit go everywhere. When a flutist plays they blow over the instrument instead of into it and the air travels through the pipe and goes out all the holes in every direction. Because of this, the Flutists have to use a big box thin made out of PVC pipes and clear shower curtains, they also have to use the clear face shields while in the box. Alyssa Despain, an 8th-grade Flutist says, “ I love playing the flute. I for one am not a fan of wearing a face shield, and potentially having to sit in a box. So the biggest difference would be all the COVID procedures that we have to do to make playing possible. I personally dislike what the flutes have to do and find it just pretty crazy. But the band is just so much fun being able to play instruments and different songs!”. This year is going to be different but at least band is still possible.