Miles of Wildfires

Tarynn Schoening, Reporter

There are currently wildfires in California and Oregon causing smoke in Wyoming. Cody Middle School students haven’t been allowed to leave the school during school hours due to how mbad the air quality is. The California fire started from a rare lightning storm and stoked by hot, windy weather, the fires spread quickly into the Sierra Nevada, southern California, and regions north, east and south of San Francisco. The Oregon fires were started by downed power lines. Portland General Electric turned off the power grid near Mount Hood, leaving thousands without electricity but reducing the chance that a windstorm would blow down live power lines into dry brush.

Montana Massey said it’s annoying to be in school with the smoke because we have to wear masks outside too. It’s given her a stuffy nose and headache but it hasn’t affected her family. Tim Haas, (8th graders Avryl’s dad) a fuel specialist at the BLM said the smoke has affected his job because he cannot go outside to collect fuel samples. It’s affected his home life because he can’t go outside to work on anything, the wildfires have made him work more because he fights them so he’s away from home a lot more.