The New Science


Avis Skinner, Reporter

CMS student’s favorite or least favorite science activities like dissections have all changed this year. Each grade has a new set of textbooks with all new subjects and labs. 7th-grade students won’t be doing life science anymore, so there won’t be all the dissections and reading guides. It’s now all about matter and interaction, structure and function, and genes and molecules. Instead of 6th graders working on the basics of science. They focus on weather and climate, energy forces, and ecosystems. Lastly, 8th grades are focusing on earth systems, space, and electricity. Rather than just earth and space.

There are many more labs and activities in science. Almost enough to do every day. Like all students, the teachers have their favorite things in science. Mr. Kirkham and Mr. Davis both love geology, and with the new resources, all the teachers can do more of what they love. Now CMS can all say goodbye to all of the 10-page reading guides.