Compete for Cause


Jaida Brice, Reporter

 During this Summer a wonderful woman put on a great fundraiser that helps our community while showcasing an assortment of wonderful talents. You guessed it, Brook Grant is the wonder woman who started “Compete For a Cause”. This year she was able to raise $8,000 for the Cody Special Olympics team. 

  So many people were a part of this great program one of those people is Noelle Gram. She is an 8th grader who was a contestant in the competition. “I was already learning two songs to play the piano and sing with for about a couple months or so prior to the actual show. I really liked the songs I was learning and ended up using them for the video audition and actual show song.”, she said. “I thought Fight Song was very fitting because Compete for a Cause was for special Olympics. In the song, it says many things relating to not giving up and fighting when times are hard which I believe relates to people with special needs. I had been working on both songs for a total of about 2 months I believe. During the show, I was pretty stressed, mostly because I had never previously performed singing and playing the piano together. With the overall experience, I am very happy because I got to perform, and got better with singing and playing an instrument.”.

 Thanks to Brook Grant and lots of other amazing people this fundraiser is possible. In the Cody enterprise, she said, “The idea is to give people a chance to perform on the stage as well as use their talents to make a difference in a lot of other people’s lives,”. She got the idea of the talent show from helping Silas Johnson and his fundraiser. “I love the whole process, but probably the best part for me is getting to know the contestants and their families. I love to watch their audition videos. I love to see them come for sound checks slightly nervous. Some more than others, and then do an absolutely amazing job for the live show. I know it takes a lot for the contestants to put themselves out there, and have their talent be judged by the judges as well as the crowd. It brings me such joy that they are willing to do so. Without the contestants, we wouldn’t have a show.”, she said. Thanks to this whole program so many people will be helped, and of course, they are already planning the third one!