Conference or Quarantine?


Rainey Powell, Sports

The crowd holds their breath, the ball flies over the net. A perfect pass to the setter, the ball is set to the outside. You feel as if you’re floating in the air as you swing. With a loud crack the ball hits the court. This year volleyball practice started the 24th of August. The 8th grade team has 34 girls this season including Brynlee Birch, Rainey Powell, Kennedy Brown, Alyssa Despain, Montana Massey, Tarynn Schoening, Sophia Radakovich, Noelle Graham, Sydney Peterson, Lexie Edwards, Addison Duncan, Harper Hawk, Addison Duncan, Noelle Graham, Rachel Williams, J’Lee Ringel, Hadlee Lennon, Avante Benedict, Laynee Burrell, Lillyann Becker, Brooklyn French, Asher Black, Kali Adams, Starsha Hinderliter-Morency, Libby Torczon, Aspen Alexander, Josie Schultz, Abby Wood, Eliza Spencer, Madison Hogg, Nevaeh Gesner, Emilia Medina, and Gabby Sanchez. 

The 7th grade team has 29 girls including Aubree George, Ellie Talich, Sydney Simone, Cali Holeman, Lauren Magargal, Jordan Schumard, Maddie Beuadrie, Louella Cornell, Kali Merritt, Zandrea Eckley, Molly Buckles, Chloe Davis, Amelia Ranker, Brynn Croft, Emma Kendrick, Bevin Hernandez, Charlotte Conaway, McKenna Kondelis, Crystal Smith, Ashten Hubbs, Brenna Foote, Ember Beasley, Kylee Silva, Aubree Sperry, Paisley Gillespie, Chloe Dunks, Lana Koltes, Olivia Oilar, and Kristen Boysen.  

The 8th grade team coach Karen Wagner has been playing volleyball since she was little. Coach Wagner said this season she wants the girls to gain confidence. “One of the most important things for the girls to improve on throughout the season is confidence! Confidence in their hitting and on defense will help them with the transition to the high school level next year.” The 7th grade coach Elicia Osborne has been coaching volleyball for 28 years. She feels the most important part is her relationships relationship with her players as athletes. Getting to know them and working with them is her favorite part of coaching.

 Due to COVID-19 many adjustments have been made to school and sports. Masks are required on the bench and when we are in team huddles. Conference is still on the tightrope facing a deathly fall. Zandy Eckley is on the 7th grade B team. She said, “We should still have conferencance because it’s good practice and it’s fun.” Lexie Edwards, a backrow and hitter on A team’s response to possibly canceling conference is,”Conference is the highlight of the end of the season, so even with COVID we should still have a conference.” Much of the team agrees. Due to new cases showing up every day, conferences are becoming less and less likely but, with the right precautions a conference may still be an option. As long as we all mask up and wash hands we can keep sports going for everyone.