Singin’ in the masks


Chloe Davis, Reporter

The corona virus has affected many things, one of these things is choir. The practicing and performing will all be different. They are performing in front of cameras, and sending them to parents. They are practicing 6 feet apart or with masks. Everything is different. Now you are going to hear 2 different peoples opinions about choir.  

Emma Kendrick from 7th grade says that the biggest thing that changed is how we have to be far apart and you don’t get to sing as much. She also said that “It’s a little bit more stressful because you have to focus on not spitting as much and singing louder so that people can hear you” 

Grey Houze from 6th grade says “It is kinda annoying because you have to wear a mask and don’t really get to share things with your friends and communicate.” She also thinks it will be not as fun performing in front of cameras instead of live and not as many people will be able to see all of their hard work.