CAN, You Do The CanCan?


Amos Olson

Sophia Radakovich, Reporter

Is it the end of the world? To some, it would seem so, due to the Coronavirus CAN dances and activities have been canceled for the year. These dances have been a big part of Cody Middle School because it gives students the chance to socialize and take their minds off of school. It also allows students to meet upperclassmen and high schoolers. These dances are home to cool themes, fun outfits, crazy music, and memories. 

Isabelle Radakovich, a Junior CAN leader, was asked her thoughts on the subject. “Yes, I am disappointed because other highschoolers and I love spending time with the middle schoolers.” She also says, “ I am not worried because the board has been working really hard to find safe activities we can do with you guys.” She has been in CAN for roughly 9 years and on the CAN board for 2 ½ years. Her favorite part of CAN is staying connected to the younger community through dances, pizza parties, etc. She would recommend CAN to kids because not only is it fun, but as you get older you get more responsibilities and learn a lot. She loves being able to give back to the community. “It’s a really cool organization because of its how long it goes on for. It’s pretty rare to have a group like CAN-an elementary schooler can collect cards of high schoolers, then get to middle school and go to dances, and then you can get to high school and make your own CAN card and go to dances and make it fun for the current middle schoolers. It’s an awesome cycle to be a part of”. 

Sadly the 8th graders will not be able to experience these dances anymore after this year, but most look forward to highschool and their dances.  As you can see CAN dances will be missed greatly throughout this year, and students will be looking forward to them in the coming years.