Pain in the back backpacks


Amelia Reinker, Reporter

This year is definitely going to be different with Covid-19 around, kids are wearing masks and not allowed to touch, also the kids have to have backpacks on, when last year all they had to do was keep them in their lockers. So the whole thing flip flopped because lockers have too many germs on them to be able to have kids to have them. Some people don’t mind having backpacks and others wish they had there lockers, time to get some opinions on the situation with two students

Molly Buckles -7th grade: I don’t like not having lockers because you have to carry around everything, but at the same time it’s nice because you are never late.I would choose lockers because you can decorate them.

Addison Duncan-8th grade: I wish we could have lockers, carrying things around is harder, but it’s also easier because we don’t have to stop at our lockers. I would probably choose lockers instead of backpacks because you don’t have to worry about carrying all of your stuff around for class and having all your papers in one little place. It is also really fun decorating lockers.