Starting Off With A Bang!

Kaitlin Ennist, Reporter

Bang goes the gun! Tuesday, September 1 the CMS Cross Country team did a time trial. A time trial is like a simulation of an actual race, depending on how do you can either travel with squad 1 or keep practicing with squad 2. Due to the complication of COVID-19, we have to do these in order to see who can travel or not. Squad 1 has run their first meet which was on Thursday, September 3rd. The race had different heats so that it would spread out the teams, the girl’s team overall won, and the boy’s team overall won too. The team is coached by Dick Smith and Amy Couture. 

 Molly Ryzewics a 6th-grade student of CMS says “COVID – 19 has already affected the team. We used to be able to go as a big team to all meets, but now it is only squad one that gets to go.” Molly Ryzewics started running to get in shape for her other sports, but she has so far enjoyed it so much that she kept doing it for the actual sport. She placed 5th in our last race.

Sunday Schuh a 7th-grade girl thinks the Cross Country team will have an amazing season, and she is really excited to see how the team will do in their next meet. Sunday had a time of 16:09 in the last race. She started running because she wanted to do a fall sport, but she couldn’t find one, she decided on Cross Country. The race may be long and hard but the Cody Cross Country team will pass the finish line first.