Teaching in a pandemic


Aubree George, Reporter

For years at CMS, teachers have taught traditionally with a white board, textbooks, and physically in front of students. Yet with this worldly pandemic of COVID-19, teachers and students might end up having to go back to virtual teaching and learning.  If multiple cases of the virus pop up in CMS, the campus will have to close.

Many restrictions have been made, such as being required to wear a mask if we aren’t 6 feet apart, and we aren’t allowed to share supplies with other classmates or teachers. Hand washing should occur frequently throughout the day as well as different lunchtime practices.

Mr. Denning, a 6th grade Science teacher, is grateful to be back in school and meeting his students face to face.  He stated, “I prefer teaching one-on-one over virtual by far!  It was nice to see students working from home too, but it’s not the same.” His biggest challenge is getting to know students’ names with their masks on.  Mrs. Kirkham, a math teacher feels it is not ideal, but at least we are in school and teaching in person. She also just hopes we can continue to stay in school.