Social Distancing In School!

Aidan Gallagher, Editor

The start of this school year has looked very different than in previous years. Students and teachers have to wear masks in most classes, no one is supposed to touch each other in class. We even can’t grab our own supplies. And we also do not have lockers so we have to carry our backpack around with us everywhere which for most people is basically carrying around twenty pounds on their back. But there are many different feelings on this social distancing in Cody Middle School. 

Jarrett Christler an 8th-grade student at CMS, when asked what is the worst part of social distancing in school, said” The worst part of social distancing is the masks.”. Then when asked do you think Cody School System will last throughout the school year and if not when will it stop said “I think that it will only go to December before everybody gives up the masks or it’s over“ Although there are other opinions in the school system like Matthew Patterson an 8th-grade student when asked do you believe it was the smart decision for us to go back to school this year despite COVID-19, said, “I think that It was a good idea because in my opinion kids work better when the can have a person helping them and teaching them “. 

So it is a strange world with social distancing in school. And also Park County already has three cases of COVID so the kids of park county will just have to wait and see what happens.