Jason Doty Profile


Avis Skinner, Reporter

Mr. Doty is a new reading intervention teacher. His classroom is the last door in the sixth-grade hall on the left. He has always liked teaching and wanted to be a teacher. Before coming to CMS he was a para teacher at the Cody High School. He sees about 40 kids throughout the day. He went to college at California State for his undergrad and went to college in South Dakota for his special education degree.

Mr. Doty actually doesn’t live in Cody, but very close by in Powell. He has lived in Park County for 6 years. He likes to drag race and enjoys fishing and hunting outside of school. He doesn’t have any kids. Although he does have two dogs an Australian Shepherd, and a Cocker Spaniel mix. His favorite part of Cody Middle School so far is the friendly and amazing staff.