Welcome to Mrs. Wooden

Rachel Williams, Reporter

Mrs.Wooden is a new teacher at the Middle School, she teaches Special Education. She started out as a para- educator, that is what she has done for the last 9 years. The first 8 years she was a para and worked at Wapiti school. She joined us at CMS last year. It is her first year teaching. A few years ago Mrs.Wooden got a masters degree in Special Education. Her passion for SPED came from her grown child that has struggled with learning disabilities. She enjoys helping each child figure out how they learn best. Mrs.Wooden works with all 3 grades.

Her husband Mr.Wooden is a wildlife photographer. He used to teach at Northwest College. They have 2 adult children. Their daughter is studying at the University of Wyoming. She had to return early from studying abroad in London because of Covid-19. Her son works full time in Cody. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Mrs.Wooden got her first job as a counselor in a long term treatment center for the troubled youth. She says that what she learned from that job was invaluable. She has been working with youth since her first job! 

Mrs.Wooden loves traveling, photography, scuba diving, and hanging out in her tipi. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors. She enjoys reading, listening to audio books, spending time with her family and pets. She has both cats and dogs. She also loves hiking, playing cards, and going to the movies.  She is learning to speak french. Mrs.Wooden will make a great teacher.