Alan Simpson


Kennedy Brown, Reporter

Alan Simpson was born on September 2, 1931. Al was born in Denver, Colorado and was the son of Milward Simpson and Lorna Kooi. When he was younger, he was a Boy Scout and developed friendships. Al graduated from the University of Wyoming’s law school.  He is an American politician and member of the Republican Party. He represented Wyoming in the United States Senate.

While in Congress, Al served as a Chairman of the Veteran’s Committee. After serving three terms in the Senate, Al declined to seek re-election in 1996. He then practiced law and taught at different universities. After serving for years two as the Director of the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School, Al returned home to Cody and practiced law with his two sons William and Colin. He now remains socially active locally with his favorite causes.  He still attends local sporting events especially football and baseball games.