Dr. Frances Lane

Abigail Fullmer, Reporter

Dr. Frances Lane was born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. She attended the University of Chicago and later Herring Medical College, She graduated with honors in 1898. She moved to Cody after graduating medical school. Her sister’s husband was one of the workers of the Shoshone Dam. Soon after she came to Cody she became one of the primary physicians along with Dr. James Bradbury. Together they founded the Lane-Bradbury Hospital, though he left in 1910 after the dam was completed. The workers of the dam were treated by her and her partner even if the services were not to their expectations.

Dr. Frances Lane is also featured among other famous and infamous women of the west in Cody Center for the Performing Arts Studio Theater production of The Cody Monologues. She was well known as one of the few female physicians in Wyoming at the time. It was extremely hard to find information on her due to libraries and museums being closed, but I managed to get some scraps of information from trusted resources. She was an important part of the well being of the builders of the Shoshone Dam and a big part in the female revolution in Wyoming.