E Hobart Morris

Abigail St. Clair, Reporter

Esther Hobart Morris was born August 8th in 1814 and died April 2, 1902. She moved to Wyoming in 1869 and soon after she became Wyoming’s first female Justice of the Peace. She was 55 when she became a Justice of the Peace and only stayed a judge for 8 months. Esther’s husband John was known for being a lazy drunk and brawler. After she left the bench she had her husband arrested for assault and battery and eventually left him.

Esther is best known for her performance in office as well as her advocacy for women’s suffrage (the right to vote). She wanted to run for reappointment but neither the Republican or Democratic parties would nominate her. So although she made a great judge she never spent more than 8 months in office. Esther went to the American Woman Suffrage Association convention and eventually became the vice president of the American Woman Suffrage Association.