Jackson Pollock


Amanda Butz, Reporter

Jackson Pollock was born on January 28, 1912, in Cody, Wyoming.  He was an American painter and a major contributor to the abstract expressionist movement. He was known for his unique painting technique where he would pour or splash liquid on his canvas. Pollock did this so that he could paint from all angles and perspectives. 

Growing up, Jackson had four older siblings and his parent’s names were Stella May McClure and LeRoy Pollock both were of Scotch-Irish descent. The Pollocks moved their family eleven months after Jackson was born so he only could remember Cody through pictures. Throughout the next sixteen years, Jackson’s family lived in Arizona and California eventually moving nine times. In 1928, the family moved to Los Angeles where Jackson had been enrolled in Manual Arts High School –also where he started his love of art. 

Yet as his career was starting off with a bang, Jackson suffered from alcoholism and a year later suffered from a nervous breakdown.  This caused him to be put in a “home” where people could monitor him for the next four years. Then in 1945, he married painter Lee Krasner and moved to East Hampton along the southern shores of Long Island, New York.  Sadly in 1956 Pollock died in an automobile accident. Today his classic drip paintings are worth about $140 million as well as any of his original creations.