June Downey


Adelie Hall, Reporter

June Etta Downey was born on July 13th, 1875 in Laramie, Wyoming. She first graduated UW with a degree in Greek and Latin, then moved onto being a teacher in Laramie’s public school system. Later, June was a well known female psychologist that studied at the University of Wyoming as well as being the first female head of psychology at a state university. 

In 1919, Downey developed the Downey Individual Will-Temperament Test. This test was one of her biggest contributions to personality psychology where it measured personalities based on handwriting. It contained 10 smaller tests that when combined could be calculated into a total score that represented one’s “will-capacity”. The test was arranged to represent three personality types: hairtrigger, which is impulsive and quick, witful -decisive, and the accurate– slow and thoughtful.

After that, she became an English and philosophy teacher at the university. One summer she had a psychology course at Cornell University and followed that profession for the rest of her life. On October 11th, 1932 she passed away in Trenton, New Jersey.