Christine Wolf, Guest Writer, Para-educator

Wow!  No school,  nonessential places of business closed, churches closed, social distancing in my lifetime!  All this has rocked our worlds as educators, parents, students, business owners and members of our community.  How do we deal with this drastic and immediate change in our lifestyle? Honestly, you should get a good laugh out of my picture.  My new best friend has become my stepladder. My vertical impairment (being short) limits my capabilities to reach high places. You ask “What is Mrs. Wolf doing?” up on the stepladder?  My first two weeks and continuing into the next week of social distancing has been taken up by deep cleaning my house. My goal is to have it done by the end of this week.  

This leads to how I am dealing with the change in our very socially connected society.  Each evening before I head to bed I set a few goals that are achievable for the next day.  There are also some weekly goals and three-week goals at first and they will be adjusted due to our extension of time. Setting these goals gives me a better sense of norm and routine which helps with dealing not seeing all of your faces each day.  Here is a list of things that I am working on to help with this situation!

  1. Random acts of kindness – checking calling at least two neighbors or friends each day who might need to hear your voice, be encouraged, or just chat to see how they and their families are doing.  Are they in need of something that you or your family can assist with? If so, tell an adult so you and our community can help them and offer a possible solution. 
  2. Get outside – we are so lucky here in Park County to have beautiful areas to walk, ride bikes and fish while maintaining social distancing.  My husband is an essential worker for a utility so my trips to town are mainly for senior citizen shopping at Albertsons on either Tuesday or Thursdays.  My grass in the yard is going to have a path worn in it before it turns green!
  3. Zoom or use the application that has been put in place for your classes. Just seeing your teachers and fellow students is heartwarming.  You just might make someone’s day by showing your face and saying hello. The best benefit is getting help with your assignments.
  4. My major craft project right now is finishing the binding on a king size quilt.  This means hand-stitching 412 inches of binding by hand to the quilt. My heart is truly into this because it is a wedding gift.  The couple had to pare down their big wedding of over 200 people to 10 including themselves. Find a craft or puzzle to do for those days you cannot be outside or to keep you away from the computer or TV for a while.  You will find your accomplishments fun and relaxing.
  5. Stay connected if you can through your devices.  Check on your families who may not be close a couple of times a week.  My family is all over the United States and this has definitely made us more aware of the need to check-in!

Remember to laugh, enjoy and keep things in perspective.  That sometimes means going outside and screaming at the top of your lungs when you are frustrated or singing a song as loud as you can when you feel like it!