Enriching Spring 2020


Alyssa Despain, News

This year there are many new and exciting enrichment classes. Some of them include Garageband (Mrs. Denning), Cooking Up U.S. History (Mrs. Pehringer), and Intro to Photography (Mr. Hartman). In Garageband, students learn to create music using software programs. It can be fun, easy, and rewarding. Rewarding enough to enjoy sharing and collaborating with others to enjoy even more music together. In Cooking Up U.S. History, students learn that cooking in the classroom is an ideal way to enhance the study of American history. Students benefit from learning basic cooking terms and skills and from the cooperative preparation and consumption of new and different foods. Recipes have been carefully researched and selected to reflect the practices of a time period or a geographic region. Students must follow directions and act as a team. In photography, the goals of the course are to introduce students to the basics of photography focusing on, camera use, composition, types of photography, editing, and a slideshow of student work.

Lexie Edwards, who is in Cooking Up U.S History, says her favorite part of that class is eating the food in the end! Her favorite thing that they have made so far was an omelet! Sadie Jackson says, “My favorite part of the photography enrichment is, that I get to go all around the school and see what other people do, while I get to do what l love.” Taking pictures is a great way to capture the moment! Sixth grader Zach Schwab says his favorite part of the Garageband enrichment class is that he gets to create his own music. He says when he does that he feels like a musician! So this year there are many fun and exciting enrichment opportunities for students to participate in and learn new things!