AAU Volleyball~ Heart Mountain


Kennedy Brown, Sports

This season 43 girls are playing AAU volleyball for the Heart Mountain Volleyball Club. The season began on March 3rd and ends May 17th. The season includes 10u,12u, 14u, and 16u. The 10’s are coached by Brittany Yeates and have eight on their team. The 12’s have ten players and are coached by Niki Lee and Dawn Beaudrie. The 14u team will be divided into two teams because of having 15 participate.  Stephanie Birch will coach one team and Ally Schroeder will be coaching the other team. The 16’s are coached by Ashley McCarten and have ten on their team. The 10’s, 12’s, and 14’s have their first tournament March 14 in Riverton, and the 16’s have their first tournament March 15 in Riverton. 

Volleyball has been around since 1895. Rainey Powell is on the 14u team and her favorite thing about volleyball is teamwork. “Everyone contributes in one way or another. Everyone has to put in one hundred percent effort if you want to get the win.” Allison Magargal is on the 16u team and her favorite thing about volleyball is that it takes a whole team to win. “You get to play with friends but also have to work really hard to win and achieve goals as a team.” Maddie Beaudrie is playing for the 12u team, and she stated that her favorite part is “spiking it down in people’s faces and playing with my friends.”