Can’t Wait to be King


Sierra Strunk & Amanda Butz, Reporters

Mr. Murray and Ms. Bree put on a show for the public and students to see at the Wynona Thompson Auditorium (WTA) on Friday the 21, and Saturday the 22 of February. The show was Lion King Jr. Since September Ms. Bree and Mr. Murray have been busy preparing for this. When the first-semester enrichments came out sign-ups for the play came out as well. So every Friday during enrichment students were auditioning and practicing scenes for 56 minutes. Then as it came closer to January students would practice at the WTA and in the CMS commons. As the date for the play approched everyone was hurrying to put the finishing touches on the costumes, props, and the set. 

Ezia Romango has played two lead roles in a row. Last year she played the matchmaker in Mulan Jr. This year she played Timon, “I was so surprised to get Timon and I was so excited to get a bigger part because it was fun doing interviews and it made me feel special. Being Timon in the play is a gift because I thought I would never get the biggest part.”  This year was the first and the last time Rachel Bruce would be performing for CMS drama, “This was my first show with CMS Drama. It was a great experience. I am sad that this will be the last but I will always remember the cast and crew. Hopefully, I will see similar faces in high school drama.” This year there were very few 6th graders participating in the play. Hopefully, next time there will be more sixth-graders eager to perform. Zandy Eckley was one of the few 6th graders that participated “I loved my first show with CMS!” she said, “I think that I made a few mistakes but I think I did pretty good.!”  All of CMS drama hopes that anyone who saw the show had a fun time and enjoyed watching. 



Rafiki–Andrew Moretti (7th)                                                          

Mufasa–Brandon Flowers (7th)

Sarabi–Mia McMinn (7th)

Zazu–Matthew Patterson (7th)

Scar–Jayden Bounty (8th)

Young Simba–Elijah Cook (7th)

Simba–Micah Grant (8th)

Young Nala–Teagan Doak (6th)

Nala–Noelle Graham (7th)

Sarafina–Rainey Powell (7th)

Shenzi– Rachel Bruce (8th)

Banzai– Jane Peters (8th)

Ed– Sierra Strunk (7th)

Timon– Ezia Romango (7th)

Pumba– Haiden Zierke (6th)

Lionesses– Gabby Sanchez, Aurora Hansen, Molly Buckles, Bliss Bonner, Delaney Colgrove, Sammie Geoghegan, Kaitlyn Ennist (6th-8th)

Hyenas– Molly Maxwell, Dani Boswell, Maddy Hogg, Chloe Dunks, Sophia Alexander, Anna Flickinger. (6th-8th)

Ensemble– Camille Powell, Crystal Smith, Jillian Eakins, Meadow Todd, Mina Hensley, Lexy Edwards, Ashlyn Grant, Roxi Blevins. (6th-8th)



Director–Sean Murray (Mr. Murray )

Director of Music–Anissa Bree (Ms. Bree)

Assistant Directors–Andrew Rossi and Donna-Lynn Murray

Light Design/Sound Director– Brad Thyng

Stage Managers– Hudson Oleschlager(12th) and Donna-Lynn Murray

Sound Technicians–Gabe Bree(6th) and Autumn Purvis(7th)

Lighting Technician–Amanda Butz(7th)

Costume Designer–Anissa Bree (Ms. Bree)

Set Design– Sean Murray (Mr. Murray)

Stage Crew– Cody Andrel, Tommy Butz, Jazmin Boswell, Tory Mohr, Adeline Conaway, Tierra McElmury, Rainy Swindler (6th-8th)