Expedition: Yellowstone!

Kelsey Pomajzl, Feature

Expedition: Yellowstone is a week-long trip that 7th and 8th graders at CMS have a chance to go on each year. This year about 25 kids went. They left on Monday morning for the 5-hour drive to YCC (Yellowstone Conservation Camp). Once they got there they unpacked and went on a short hike. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday they had a class about Yellowstone in the morning went on a hike in the afternoon, had dinner, then had a class after dinner. Lights out was at 9:30, but no one went to bed on time. Friday morning each clan has a specific area of the camp to clean. Then they loaded up all of the bags and headed back to Cody. On the bus ride back, Mr. Conaway and Ms. Fitti told riddles and Mr. Conaway narrated the game mafia. They got back at 2:15 on Friday.  

Riley Simone was one student that went on EY this year. She said she enjoyed all of EY. She would recommend going to anyone interested. Bradley Mckenzie was another student on EY. His favorite part was being outdoors and hanging out with friends. He would recommend going on EY to everyone.