Gimme a break!


Violet Wollschlager, Feature

Every year we have a spring break, whether it’s short, long, in March or April. This year our spring break is April 9-13 and is right by Easter. We only get two extra days off because normally we would get that extra day off after Easter. Lauren Margargal, a CMS sixth grader commented, “I wish the break was longer because I think it’s a good time for families to go on vacation.“ Therefore you can’t really go on a vacation without missing school. Montana Massey, a seventh grader at Cody Middle School said that she might be going to Hawaii over spring break and if she does she would have to miss a couple days of school. Many people are very upset with how short it is considering that last year our spring break was a week long and then we had  another break in April for Easter. 

Students think it is very important to have a spring break because it allows them to catch up and spend time with their family and friends. Ben Stewart, a CMS 8th grader explained that he thinks it is important for us to have a spring break because we get a break from school and get to rest. Every year 1.5 million students go on a vacation, and each family spends around $1996 during spring break.  Luckily next year our spring break is back!