The Giant Awakens


Madeline Lee, Sports

As all of you know our school had a ski day where all the grades went to Sleeping Giant to ski from 9 to 2. Many teachers left the school to “patrol” the kids but really, they just wanted to ski before Sleepy G closes. Ms.Skoric is infamous for that. Ms. Skoric says she goes up because she wants to be an outdoor teacher, “I detest being inside,” she says. Most people go skiing/ snowboarding, yet many people stayed in the lodge. Sadie Smith stayed in the lodge, she was asked why and said, “I wasn’t allowed to ski/snowboard.”

The 6th graders went first, then 7th, then 8th. It didn’t snow between the days, so the 8th graders got the worst of the snow. Many say it was terrible and icy, however others said it was good. The price to go to Sleepy G went up by $5 this year, because they lost a lot of money last year, so they had to increase the price. They are not making any money but they are covering the prices. We are all sad that Sleeping Giant is closing, many were happy to use the mountain before it closes. 

Breaking News Sleeping Giant is NOT closing.    Ethan Lee pictured in photo