Cody & the coronavirus


Abigail Fullmer, News

What will Cody do without one of its major sources of income? Cody gets a lot of its summer income from tourists around the world (many from Asia). The Covid-19 virus was first found in the Wuhan district in China. Airlines around the world are now restricting travel to certain countries where the outbreak is rapidly spreading such as Italy, China, France, etc. The CDC is also screening people when they come into the United States to be safe so that they don’t contaminate anyone else when coming into the country. Some countries may begin to have travel bans to other countries to decrease the rising risk of spreading the virus. 

In the summer a lot of small businesses downtown rely a lot on the tourism brought in from people overseas, and other places in the U.S. Our main source of tourism is how close we are to Yellowstone National Park.  Yellowstone brings in people from all over the world. People also come to Cody to see the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Some countries have required or paid vacations such as the UK, Denmark, and China. Now with the rising threat, this  can impact those vacations or paid leaves. The summer of 2020 may be full of tourists like usual or it could be full of virus cautious people.