Randall Nielson, Staff

The ESPN app is a very popular sports app. In fact, it has been downloaded over 70 million times. It is the most popular sports app in the U.S. The ESPN app is so popular that two million people use it a day. Two million isn’t a crazy amount, but it’s definitely something. So many people use the ESPN app because it’s so convenient. Carter Gail uses the ESPN app, and his favorite thing about it is the score feature. This shows that people love the convenience of the ESPN app.

Aside from all of the numbers, people love the ESPN app because of how it can quickly keep them updated on their favorite teams. A lot of people don’t have the time to take ten minutes to go online and check every one of their favorites team’s news and scores. The ESPN app is also free, so people feel like they just need to try it. In conclusion, the ESPN app is what people use if they are in a hurry and just want to know about recent sports news and scores.