Alyssa Despain, News

Pinterest is a social media app featuring images for people to like, comment, share, and TRY! It is one of those apps people don’t see as harmful, and for the most part, it’s not. Individuals visit Pinterest looking for inspiration and valuable ideas for their personal lives, and it’s a good thing! Pinterest was founded in San Francisco, CA in 2008 by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. Pinterest is primarily safe, for it requires a username and password and does not ask for personal information. Although, there are downsides to all social media apps. With Pinterest, scams are a big thing. People may make fake accounts hoping to get others to fall for the fake blogs they have posted. Spam may also be a problem on Pinterest. A spammer made $1,000 a day just by stealing pins from other sites and claiming them for their own. 

Pinterest may be used to promote a business opportunity. Because of this, there are many ads that pop up on the website and you have to be careful with some of them. Some individuals spend so much time pinning ideas that they will never get around to. In that case, is it a waste of time? Sydney Peterson says, “no I don’t think it wastes my time because I use it a lot to find good food recipes and it’s very helpful.” Pinterest, therefore, is a good way to spend your time and is one of the most primarily safe social media apps!”