Violet Wollschlager, Reporter

Tiktok has 500 million users on it today and was the most downloaded app in 2019 with 33 million downloads. This app was formerly known as musically but was changed in 2017 because the company merged the two apps into one. Tiktok was developed by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded by Zhang Yiming. Some well-known tiktokers are living in “The Hype House” in Los Angeles, CA, some of these tiktokers include Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, Nick Austin, Addison Rae, and 12 others. This house was created in December of 2019 and is worth 12 million dollars. 

Almost 70 percent of TikTok users are 15-24 years old which makes this app to have the youngest user base. Allie Broussard, an eighth-grade student, spends around 30 minutes on TikTok a day and her favorite thing about it is that it makes her laugh. However the average TikTok user spends more than 50 minutes a day on the app, the founders of TikTok considered everything possible to make people stay on the app and they succeeded. 50 out of 139 students in this school use TikTok.