Subway Surfers

Abigail St. Clair, Reporter

Subway Surfers was a wildly popular game when it came out in May of 2012 but the fame died down in about 2017. Subway Surfers is a game where one runs endlessly in a subway and collects coins and other various items. People can compete with their friends to see who can run the longest without dying and who can collect the most coins. Subway Surfers provides endless fun for their players and throws in new challenges to keep them entertained. Subway Surfers was the first game to reach past one billion downloads on Google Play. 

Although it’s not as popular as it used to be, Subway Surfers still has a number of people playing it. Even though it’s not that famous anymore there are still about 27 million active players daily. 8th grader Olivia Longo played it around 2014 or 2015 and although she played it rarely she enjoyed playing it. Subway Surfers changes a lot to keep its players interested, that might be why so many people are still playing it. So although it might not be as popular as when it came out it still changes enough to keep everyone that plays it interested.