Val Payne, Reporter

Why do you think that Facebook is still a thing? Is it because the parents and old grandparents still use it, or is it because your parents don’t let you have Instagram and Snapchat? You might not even know what Facebook is. Facebook is a multi-purpose social app and website. One can chat with friends or post on what they did over the weekend from their timeline.

How many people still use Facebook as a total number? More than 1 billion people are active on Facebook every month. Only 100 million people are active on Instagram in a month. The experts expect that Facebook will only last for 5 to 8 more years. So go check it out before it “expires”. 

Two teachers in the school, Travis Duncan and Alena Larsen are Facebook addicts. Mr. Duncan said that he uses Facebook to check-in with old friends but he is not very constant about posting, he says that Instagram is one of his more favorite apps. Ms. Larsen says that she checks it several times a day and she is also not very constant about posting, and also uses other apps like Instagram and Snapchat.