Elle Ortner, Feature

MathCounts is a non-profit foundation that reaches middle schoolers, students in the sixth-eighth grade, in all of the US with three math programs. Students participating in Mathcounts practice on Wednesdays at lunch in room 308. Cody middle schoolers take part in the Competition series of Mathcounts. The competition series is made up of three individual and one team round. Thermopolis, Powell, Trinity Christian, and Cody competed at the Chapter Competition on Thursday. Cody brought 10 students (4 on a team and 6 that competed individually) as well as Mrs. Class, Mr. Conaway, and Mrs. Broadus. While Cody did not place Mrs Class believes that with more practice the MathCounts team can do better.


Sprint round:  students have 40 minutes to answer 30 questions without using a calculator.

Target round: students are given 8 problems in pairs with six minutes to answer each pair. Countdown round: students compete against each other and have 45 seconds to answer the question (without a calculator) whoever buzzes in first and has the right answer wins. 

Team round: Students are placed in groups of 4 and are given 20 minutes to solve 10 problems.