Alyssa Despain, Feature


This year, several 6th-8th graders are participating in the Showalter Festival. Showalter is a performance for judges at the Northwest College in Powell. This will take place on Saturday, February 8th. The overall show is at 4 pm and is open to the public. A winner from each room performs at that. Showalter started back in 1975 by a man named Dr. Victor Showalter who was a former professor at the college. It is now the 46th year of doing it and almost every variety of instruments are played. From woodwinds, brass, percussion, and vocalists, they let all instruments audition. The ratings are: superior, good, and fair. If a performer receives a good rating, he or she can earn a scholarship of different prices to the Northwest College Music Camp, which will take place June 21-26, 2020. If a performance is spectacular, a full ride scholarship may be offered! Students will be judged on Rhythmic Accuracy, intonation, technique, dynamics, and over all performance. One can earn 25 points total: 5 points for each section.

It is a great opportunity to go out and share talents with others. Although, a lot of time and effort is put into preparing for Showalter. Jarom Beardall says, “I’ve prepared for it by practicing at home a lot and working with an accompanist to get the right rhythm.” If a student wants a good rating, they will put the effort in that is required to succeed. Now is it really worth someone’s time, or will it be disappointing in the end? Rainey Powell says,“I would recommend it. You work at a song for a few months and then perform in front of a judge. It has introduced me to different genres of music and helped ease my fear of performing in public.” Showalter gives students a variety of ways to improve their talents and even if they do not earn a good rating, it would be a great learning experience. Now what is the purpose of showalter and why has it been going on for so long. Zach Paris, the director of the music department at Northwest College   says, “There is a significant need for young musicians to perform in a solo and small ensemble setting. The district provides these opportunities at the high school level, but there aren’t opportunities for middle school students to perform in a solo/small ensemble festival in our area. The Showalter Festival provides this opportunity for the students, and we are very excited here at Northwest College to be able to provide this experience to our area middle school students.” Now when middle school students have a need to share their talents with others, they can apply for showalter and spread their abilities with the world!