Need a V-day gift Idea?

Abigail Fullmer, Feature

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually by couples and singles around the world on February 14. Valentine’s can be a day where people show their affection for someone by getting them gifts, chocolate, roses, and other sentimental things. Valentine’s Day is a day where middle school students can give their friends, crush, or significant other a gift to show that they care and love them. 

People can ask you to be their valentine and give you chocolates, stuffed animals, a card, or in some cases jewelry. Some ideas of gifts to give to your special someone include chocolates or candy, stuffed animals, a card, a piece of jewelry, in some cases someone might even ask or take you on a date. Valentine’s Day is a day where “ Love, Cupid, Chocolates, Hearts, and Flowers are everywhere.” according to America’s Library. Brandon Flowers, a 7th-grade student, said,      “Flowers, and if you are trying to impress someone then chocolates.”.  So if you are trying to give your special a gift to show your affection, then look no further than this article and plan to spend some money!