Love is in the air?

Sierra Strunk, Feature

St. Valentine’s Day is coming faster than anyone can expect so it’s time to get chocolate and teddy bears for that special someone. Candy hearts are some of the most popular candies for valentines day because chalky candies are some of peoples favorites. Eight  billion candy hearts are sold in the span of six weeks during Valentines Day.

On February 14th most people will be spending Valentine’s Day eating candy. Emely Madrigal, a 6th grader, says, “Chocolate that doesn’t have eggs or nuts.” The first bar of milk chocolate was made in 1897, when Cadbury had lots of cocoa butter left over from making Cocoa Essence, so they used it to make bars of chocolate. About 11. 350 million bars of Dairy Milk are sold every year, which is almost one million a day.

Seventh grader Jazmin Boswell’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy is, ¨60% dark chocolate for sure, I love how bittersweet it is, and I think the iconic candy hearts are too sweet, but I can still eat them.¨  Some dark chocolate facts are that dark chocolate has more cacao and less sugar than other chocolates, so it is considered healthier than milk and white chocolate. Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by 1/3. A survey found that 48% of U.S. consumers purchased dark chocolate in the last year.

Eighth grader Madison Hinkley’s favorite Valentines day candy is, ¨Hershey’s Kiss.¨ During Valentine’s day Hershey produces more than eight million pounds of Kisses. Which, at about 95 Kisses per pound, comes out to more than 750,000,000 individual candies. Chocolate is a very popular candy for Valentines day.