Prez Day, say what?

Abigail St. Clair, News

Monday, February 17, also known as President’s Day this year. On this day students get a day off from school. When given a day off people can get pretty bored. For 7th grader Kassi Hanson she has nothing to do for President’s Day and can sometimes get bored when she’s doing nothing. A lot of other students probably don’t have any plans and are gonna be pretty bored over the three day weekend. So what are some things that people can do during President’s Day?

According to “The Centsible Life” some cheap President’s Day activities are going to a museum or going for a hike. If you’re looking for something more educational you can watch a documentary or test your friends to see who can memorize or name more presidents. If you want something more creative, Tip Junkie suggests making finger puppets of presidents or making an Abraham Lincoln hat, using a paper plate. There are a lot of things to do over President’s Day weekend so why just sit and do nothing when there are so many other choices?

P.S. Sleeping Giant should be open that weekend if you’re looking for something more local to do.