If You Want a Soft Serve Go To DQ


Violet Wollschlager, Reporter

Volleyball is a popular sport played by all ages. The winter USA volleyball is a club volleyball league that girls can play to get more practice in. It started in January and ends in March, they go to three different tournaments in Gillette, Casper, and Sheridan. There are 16u, 14u, and 12u teams with girls from all grades playing on them. Sydney Peterson, libero for the 14u team, thinks that playing with girls in different grade levels can benefit her because the other girls can teach her skills she doesn’t know. The coaches for the teams are Tammy Hays, Stephine Birch, and Jen Talich. They all have been to one tournament this year and they did fairly well.

Volleyball was created in 1895 and is the fifth most popular sport in the world. Allison Magargal is a right-side hitter for the 16u team and says “my favorite thing about volleyball is working as a team to get victories and playing volleyball is just really fun.”  Mckenna Kondelis, libero for 12u team will be playing seventh-grade volleyball next year and explained: “I am so excited to play 7th-grade volleyball I think it will be much more competitive and fun.”